Thursday, September 26, 2019

Get Free one-to-one Chinese lessons online

You can get a FREE VIP one-to-one online Chinese class(50-minute) with 38 likes by forwarding/reposting this post to any of popular social media (such as facebook,instagram,youtube,linkedin etc.)
By the way, we also hope to encourage you to introduce our school to your friends if you liked our Chinese lessons.We'd like to give you 3 one-to-one 30-minute kid lessons OR 2 one-to-one 50-minute adult lessons for FREE as a thankful gift of your recommendation by each new student who has booked classes at our school. For example,if two of your friends booked classes at our school,we can give you 6 FREE one-to-one 30-minute kid lessons OR 4 FREE one-to-one 50-minute adult lessons.
 Please contact us by email ( show us your likes OR tell us who you recommended and get the free Chinese classes,Thank you!😁😁🍓🍓🍓🤩

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